WealthForce.AI - The Empowered Relationship Manager (RM)

Navigate and present all customer information in one place with WealthForce.AI, a BIAN-compliant, AI led and cloud-native Wealth platform designed for RMs.

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WealthForce.AI is a BIAN compliant, revolutionary offering designed to enhance the productivity of relationship managers (RMs), while ensuring hyper-personalization in each customer’s wealth journey

Successful implementation of WealthForce.AI has resulted in noted business impacts and observed benefits such as:

  • 40%

    Increase RM to customer ratio

  • 80%

    reduction in portfolio review time per customer

  • 30%

    increase in operational efficiency

The numbers presented represent the benefits that our customers have experienced, your results may differ

One Pager : Empowering relationship managers to enable superior customer experiences : WealthForce.AI

Explore the potential of WealthForce.AI's capabilities and the impact it can have on your business through this one-pager.

Looking to improve your client relationships and grow your business?

Discover how WealthForce.AI can help RMs achieve their goals in every step of the client journey (benefits to RM)

New Business generation

New Business generation WealthForce.AI empowers RMs to leverage AI and data-driven recommendations for cross-selling, upselling, and providing personalized suggestions.

Constructive Customer

Personalized Customer Engagement Real-time 360-degree of clients’ financial positioning coupled with data driven advisory tools empower RMs with effective strategies for personalized engagements.

Enhanced planning and advisory

Enhanced planning and advisory Advanced tools such as Portfolio Attribution and Scenario Analysis empower RMs with invaluable insights to improve portfolio performance, and achieve better outcomes for their clients.

Robust compliance

Robust compliance With real-time validation, enhanced supervision and compliance checks using the platform’s single dynamic rule-based platform, RMs can ensure regulatory compliance for various investment products.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence WealthForce.AI digitizes RMs work, improving branch operations with speed and accuracy. The platform offers multi-currency, multi-asset, multi-region, multi-tenancy, and multilingual capabilities for diverse investment fund option.

Key Features

    Next gen Analytics

  • ESG Analytics
  • Portfolio Attribution
  • Scenario Analytics
  • Net New Money Transfer
  • Look Through Analysis

    AI Tools

  • Smart Nudges
  • Product Recommendation
  • Personalized Insights Builder
  • Portfolio Health Check
  • Intelligent Document Processing


"We had no doubt in our mind that the future is digital, and that Wealth Management and Trust Banking will play an increasingly important role in China Banks’ sustained profitability. We are pleased to have found the right partner for this endeavor in Intellect"

Patrick Cheng , CFO, China Bank

China Bank

"We We chose a technology vendor who has helped us achieve our goal, Intellect Design wealth software from Bangkok shares our vision"

Dusanee Klewpatinontha, Head of Wealth Product & Consulting and Head of Private Banking, CIMB Thai Bank

CIMB Thai Bank

"Intellect Design Arena Limited is a global leader in Financial Technology for Banking, Insurance and other Financial Services. With APIs ranging from - Customer onboarding, Portfolio Management, Risk and others, Intellect Design is leading the way in showcasing the power of the APIX API marketplace."

Manish Divaan, Managing Director, ASEAN Financial Innovation Network, AFIN.


WealthForce.AI utilizes the eMACH.ai technology stack as its underlying foundation

Experience the power of flexibility with our backend-agnostic digital layer, seamlessly integrating with any legacy core wealth systems for unparalleled adaptability!

  • Events


  • Microservices


  • API


  • Cloud


  • Headless


Why WealthForce.AI?

Over the course of three decades, we have developed deep domain expertise by working with global leaders in Banking, Wealth, Insurance & Financial services. This has resulted in the creation of over 300+ distinct user journeys and 900+ APIs across 12 products and 5 platforms, with our Wealth division alone boasting over 270+ end points.

As the world's largest cloud-native API-led micro-services business for FinTech, IntellectAI is focused on data and intelligence, utilizing advanced AI capabilities to create differentiation. Our solution, powered by our eMACH architecture, AI tools, and deep learning models, aims to improve revenue, reduce costs, and streamline operations for wealth advisors, making their day-to-day tasks more efficient and streamlined.

Why WealthForce.AI?

Recent Accolades

Driving customer value & market leadership

WealthBriefing MENA Awards 2023

IntellectAI has been awarded the title ‘Most Innovative Use of Artificial Intelligence’ by Clearview Financial Media on its tenth annual WealthBriefing MENA Award.

WealthBriefingAsia Awards 2023

WealthForce.AI powered by eMACH.ai wins big at WealthBriefingAsia Awards 2023 Named as Winner in “Artificial Intelligence (AI) Application (Pan-Asia)” category for its exceptional usage of AI as part of its offering to the Asian wealth management market.


Intellect announced winner in the 2020 IDC FinTech Rankings Real Results Award under the Efficiency and Agility category for Digital Wealth Transformation at CIMB Thai Bank


Intellect named Winner in IBSI Global Fintech Innovation Awards 2020 under the Most Innovative API / Open Banking Model category for API-fication of wealth journey with Monetary Authority of Singapore’s APIX


Intellect Design Arena has been recognised as one of the top 100 global Wealth Tech firms worldwide selected from a highly competitive list of over 1200 participants by FinTech Global.


Intellect has featured in the Forrester’s Wave report for Digital Wealth Management Platform. Identified as one among the 13 globally significant wealth platform for this “By Invite Only” Wave, Intellect has been rated high for the breadth and depth of its functionalities


Intellect Wealth Qube has been listed among Global Portfolio Management Vendors in Gartner’s Report “Integrate Advisor-Supporting Wealth Management Technologies Into Digital Platforms to Accelerate Adoption”

Aite novarica

Intellect featured amongst leading core banking vendors catering to wealth managers in Aite-Novarica’s report titled “Wealth-Management-Focused Core Banking Systems in Europe and Asia”


Intellect Wealth Qube® has been profiled amongst major vendors in Celent’s European Wealth Management Technology Vendors report – Evaluating Front-to-Back Office Platform Vendors


Intellect design arena was ranked #2 in IBS intelligence sales league table under the wealth management and private banking category


Intellect Design featured amongst leading RPA players in Celent’s report “What vendors see for the Future of Robotic Process Automation in Insurance”


Novarica features Intellect SEEC’s Magic Submissions- a hyper-automation AI data extraction platform among prominent providers of Intelligent Text Ingestion (ITI) tools

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