Digital Transaction
Banking (DTB)

Industry Overview

The Global Cash Management System market size is expected to reach $20.6 billion by 2025, rising at a market growth of 13.5% CAGR during the forecast period. World output is expected to reach pre-pandemic levels by mid-2022. However, for banks to stay relevant to their customers and investors they need to increasingly embrace simplicity in cash management transformation and adopt the latest cloud technology without high CAPEX investments and bust the myth of endless technology projects that must span into years.

Challenges and Opportunity

The need to embrace simplicity has left banks on the path to improve customer experience to the fullest and expand the business ecosystem through new and efficient digital technology to transform cash management and significantly increase the competitive edge for the bank. Thus, the need arises for a transformative cash management platform to deliver a seamless customer experience with a completely cloud-native digital integrated suite with the ability to deploy new customers quickly, handle large volumes of transactions, improve operational efficiency and help reduce complexity and cost. Banks can now achieve their goal of becoming the most customer-friendly technology-driven banks.

The Intellect Promise

Intellect’s fully managed; cloud-ready Digital Transaction Banking Platform will help de-risk banks’ IT operations with up to 40% reduction in IT total cost of operations (TCO).

Pre-configured domain packs will speed up the bank’s go-to-market product launch aided by an operationally-ready suite of 135+ Open Banking APIs to help roll out consumer-friendly innovative features. Corporates and SMEs can be rapidly onboarded, saving up to 70% in onboarding costs, bringing in operational efficiency, and driving down acquisition costs. All this is backed by pay-as-you-grow ready plans that can help banks go live in as fast as 10 weeks, leveraging our global cloud infrastructure from Microsoft Azure.

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Product Highlights
Digital Transaction Banking

Digital Transaction Banking

Digital Transaction Banking on iGTB Cloud is the world’s first composable, fully-integrated transaction banking cloud platform, powered by microservices and Open APIs.

iGTB Cloud

iGTB Cloud

Banks can run transaction banking from iGTB Cloud, where Intellect’s expert managed services provides full mission-critical service delivery, leaving banks to focus on their corporate customers & SMEs. DTB on iGTB Cloud powers the comprehensive product coverage across cash management, payments, account services, self-onboarding, liquidity & virtual accounts and is oered as three easy-to-consume Business Service Packs – BSP 1 Innovate Business Banking, BSP2 – Rejuvenate SME Banking, BSP3 – Scale Mid-Large Corporates. The bundles are specially curated for various stages of transaction banking digital maturity, to accelerate sales cycles for banks, increase stickiness across their client segments.

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