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Intellect Design is revolutionizing Credit Union banking with cutting-edge technology. With our platform, Credit Unions can seize the future of banking while prioritizing member experiences like never before.

Our suite of platforms spans from Core Banking, Lending, Cards, Treasury, Digital Banking, and Central Banking, all powered by This event-driven, microservices-based, API-enabled, cloud-native, and headless architecture allows Credit Unions to tailor their digital experiences to meet member needs and fuel growth.

Our Open Finance enabled Retail Banking Platform empowers Credit Unions to craft signature offers and solutions across various banking domains.

With, Credit Unions can harness:

  • Event-Driven Architecture
  • Microservices
  • Open API Framework
  • Cloud-Native & Cloud-Agnostic Solutions
  • Headless Capability
  • Embedded Artificial Intelligence

This comprehensive approach enables Credit Unions to compose their unique digital experiences, enhancing customer satisfaction, efficiency, and usability. Learn how Intellect is reshaping the future of Credit Union banking.

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