Herber De Ruijter. Head of Digital, and Phil Cantor, CMO, iGTB presented a session on the future ready Contextual Banking. “Contextual Banking knows what’s Best-Next: A Digital Omnichannel Platform that supports best-next-action and best-next-offer for upselling” was the title of the session.

In the future of digital transaction banking, the interaction itself – triggered through an API or a ‘Situational User Interface’ will be just the starting point. The bank’s role will not focus on execution but instead on contextualisation.

By understanding the intent and context of every interaction, banks can make payments ‘business aware’ to determine best next action or offer. Channel interactions will no longer focus on the execution of the transaction, but instead will focus on understanding the reasoning behind it in order to determine an in-the-moment Best Next Offer or Best Next Action.