We are proud to say that we were the Gold Sponsor at the Indonesian Wealth Management Forum 2019 which was held at Shangri-La, Jakarta on October 17th, 2019 in Indonesia. We presented powerful insights into the current landscape of the Wealth Market and our ‘RM-First’ design approach.

Recognising the importance of relationship managers in wealth management, Nagaraj Prasadh from Intellect presented ‘RM Office – 2020 Advantage‘ at the forum, which covered:

  • Opportunity to increase RMs productivity by 20%
  • Opportunity to reduce operational cost by 20%
  • Let your system take care of compliance – 3D Compliance
  • Leveraging Digital – Enhanced Outreach and contextualized experience
  • Actionable insights to direct the destiny of the business

The Intellect RM Office empowers advisors to carry out effective conversations with clients and helps them to make informed decisions. The effective conversation and informed decisions are enabled through actionable insights generated by the robust analytics engine of Intellect RM Office’.


Nagaraj prasadh
Nagaraj Prasadh
Country Head, Thailand

Nagaraj Prasadh has been with Intellect for over 15 years and in the Asia Pacific region covering Singapore and Thailand since 2008. A post-graduate in English Literature from the Delhi University in India, he took a unique route of making a career in the IT industry, starting his career as a programmer in mid-range and mainframe systems for the financial services industry. A passionate reader, he has over 25 years of industry experience, he is innovative with gadgets and finds unique ways to make technology touch the lives of people. Based in Bangkok, Thailand with his family since 2012, he is the Country Head for Intellect Design Arena, Thailand.