Certification of the highest standard in software quality management validates consistent utilization of best practices by iGCB to deliver product and delivery excellence to customers

Chennai (India), September 26, 2022: Intellect Global Consumer Banking (iGCB), the Retail and Central Banking arm of Intellect Design Arena, a cloud-native, future-ready, new-gen multi-product FinTech company for the world’s leading financial and insurance institutions, today announced that it has been appraised at Maturity Level 5 on the CMMI® (Capability Maturity Model® Integration) V2.0 for capabilities in both Development and Services. The appraisal was performed by SterlingQ Private Limited. CMMI is a proven, outcome-based performance model and the globally accepted standard for improving capability, optimizing business performance and aligning operations to business goals.

Intellect Global Consumer banking has been constantly striving to improve standards, processes and procedures to develop better products faster and at a lower cost. CMMI ML5 is the highest appraisal rating that can be achieved, and is reserved for organizations that demonstrate true process optimization. The rating indicates that iGCB is performing at an “optimizing” level and is continually improving its processes based on a quantitative understanding of its business objectives and performance needs.

The CMMI certification underlines iGCB’s focus on process excellence and innovation to transform clients’ business, operating and technology models for the digital era and make delivery excellence a sustainable competitive differentiator. The certification indicates that iGCB has the following capabilities:

  • Launching superior customer solutions: iGCB is committed to high quality software development processes and delivery standards, which translates into far superior and highly reliable solutions.
  • Strengthening business resilience: iGCB can anticipate and adapt to disruptions and opportunities impacting business.
  • Ensuring continual performance improvement – iGCB uses statistical and other quantitative techniques to optimize performance and improvement to achieve quality and process performance

The assessment covered projects spread across Europe, IMEA, APAC regions as well as functions such as Quality Assurance, SEPG and Learning and Development. The assessment was conducted over a period of 9 months, with a 2 phase implementation.

Rajesh SaxenaCommenting about the prestigious certification, Rajesh Saxena, Chief Executive Officer, Intellect Global Consumer Banking said “We are extremely proud to be appraised at Maturity Level 5 under the new version 2.0 model. This appraisal is a further demonstration of our commitment to our clients through the relentless pursuit of quality in the products we deliver. iGCB will continue to leverage the best practices of CMMI ML5 to create products that are contextual, intuitive, and meet current and emerging customer requirements across the globe.”

About Intellect Global Consumer Banking (iGCB)

iGCB, the Retail and Central Banking Solutions arm of Intellect, offers an end-to-end Contextual Banking suite for retail and corporate banking across Core Banking, Lending, Cards, Digital Banking, and Central Banking. Its unique blend of integrated functionality and agility is made possible by its Microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native architecture with powerful integration capabilities.

iGCB brings to the table a deep knowledge of the developed and developing financial market space and seeks to be the Innovation Partner for those who are passionate about transforming the future of fintech!


About Intellect Design Arena Limited

Intellect Design Arena Ltd. is the world’s largest cloud-native, API-led microservices-based multi-product FinTech platform for global leaders in Banking, Insurance and Capital Markets. It offers a full spectrum of banking and insurance technology products and platforms across Retail, Transaction Banking, Risk, Treasury & Markets, and Insurance. With over 25 years of deep domain expertise, Intellect pioneered Design Thinking to create cutting-edge products and platforms for institutions and FinTech 8012, the world’s first design center for FinTech, reflects Intellect’s commitment to continuous and impactful innovation, addressing the growing need for digital transformation. Intellect serves over 270 customers through offices in 57 countries and with a diverse workforce of technology experts in major global financial hubs around the world. For more information, visit www.intellectdesign.com

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