• Banks & Credit Unions will gain engaging experiences to touch and feel the power of eMACH.ai, through curated user journeys
  • The eMACH.ai Experience Zone is a cloud service designed to provide engaging experiences for banks and credit unions to touch and feel the power of eMACH.ai, through curated user journeys themed around the capabilities to

Move Money, Manage Money, Power Digital Engagement for consumers and SMEs, Securely and easily build, deploy and manage AI Agents at scale

Canada, India, May 28, 2024: Intellect Design Arena Ltd, a cloud-agnostic, future-ready, multi-product Financial Technology company for the world’s leading banks, credit unions and insurance clients, announces the launch of the Canada eMACH.ai Cloud for Banks and Credit Unions. This comprehensive suite of products spans Digital engagement, Liquidity, Virtual Accounts and Core Banking (including Payments and deposits), with embedded AI, allowing financial institutions to tailor their digital experiences to meet and exceed customer expectations and fuel growth. All these products are Canada-ready and/or live with Canadian customers.

This offering will allow institutions to achieve deposit growth, meet regulatory & industry compliance and also improve operational efficiency.

Canada’s eMACH.ai Cloud has been designed for connected ecosystems. The future-focussed and open banking-enabled solution allows Banks & Credit Unions to partner with fintechs and rapidly launch innovative products that drive revenue, create operational efficiencies and provide an opportunity to attract new customers across all 3 segments – Corporate, SME and Retail.

eMACH.ai Experience Zone:

 Intellect’s Experience Zone is a specially created cloud service designed to provide engaging experiences for banks and credit unions to touch-and-feel the power of our first principle technology suite, eMACH.ai, through curated user journeys, themed around the capabilities to Move Money, Manage Money and power Digital Transformation, that are brought to life using the two foundational technologies – Contextual and Composable.

  • Manage Money: Navigate through some of the interesting tools used by corporate treasurers to monitor and manage their cash positions, by leveraging our global best-in-class
  • Move Money: Check out the power of a modern digital payments solution using which a payments expert can initiate and manage domestic and cross-border
  • Connected Engagement: Experience the impact of a consumer and SME-focused digital experience for the user of tomorrow, through our Digital Engagement Platform.
  • Enterprise Connected Intelligence: Experience expert agents developed through our enterprise AI platform called Purple Fabric, designed for banks to securely and easily build, deploy and manage AI agents at scale.

Arun JainCommenting on the launch, Arun Jain, Chairman and Managing Director of Intellect Design Arena, said, “eMACH.ai is a groundbreaking and transformative suite designed on first principles thinking to simplify technology in the banking, credit union and insurance sectors significantly. With its extensive offering of 329 microservices, 535 events, and over 1757 APIs, it serves as the most comprehensive Open Finance Platform, enabling the creation of customer-centric solutions instead of traditional product-focused ones. We are excited to introduce the Canada-ready eMACH.ai Cloud for Banks and Credit Unions. Paired with eMACH.ai Experience Zones, banks & Credit Unions can gain first-hand experience with Intellect’s solutions from their clients’ perspective. ”

He further added, “By introducing the Intellect Canada eMACH.ai Cloud, we are leveraging our extensive thirty years of domain expertise in technology and design thinking to cater to banks, Credit Unions and insurance sectors”

About Intellect Design Arena

Intellect Design Arena Ltd. has the world’s largest cloud-agnostic, API-led microservices-based multi-product platform for Global leaders in Banking and Insurance. Our “first principle” technology suite, eMACH.ai, is an AI-led most comprehensive open finance platform offering composable solutions for banks and financial institutions to curate and contextualise products to address specific customer needs with 329 Microservices, 500 events and 1757 APIs to compose their unique “My Signature Solution”.

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