Intellect has launched the CALM 20, a contextual ALM platform that enables financial institutions to have a holistic view of the Balance Sheet, monitor and manage liquidity risk and interest rate risk, perform stress testing and ensure regulatory compliance through liquidity monitoring tools. Built on the robust principles of Design Thinking at the R&D innovation lab at Intellect, CALM 20 value chain is a powerful combination of:

  • Coherent Data Fabric for seamless data integration
  • 6 Balance Sheet Risk Algorithms providing integrated risk impact
  • Advanced analytics for informed decision making

An intuitive UI which defines the risk appetite of the financial institutions, interactive dashboards which help assess the impact of changes in the balance sheet values, as well as examine the impact of strategic decisions on the numbers, and dynamic visualisations which enable banks to explore large portfolios and drill it down to granular results are some of its unique features. CALM is not only Basel III-compliant, but also compliant with the other latest regulatory guidelines, policies and limits prescribed by central banks globally, including the mandates by the Reserve Bank of India.

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