Great banks are not built in a day! A Bank’s responsibility today is more than that of a money manager but a lifestyle enabler. iGCB recently launched a technology platform for Retail Banks at Money20/20 Europe. The platform enables banks to expand their role and enable end customers with an uncomplicated banking experience. The platform adapts to the bank’s aspirations and allows them to design solutions quickly and easily. Being Cloud native and Open Finance enabled, it opens many opportunities to scale up and partner with an endless ecosystem of niche solution providers and Fintech partners. In a nutshell, it enables agility, scalability, and faster time-to-market for financial institutions.

We not only claim to have the most comprehensive retail banking platform, but it truly is, being built on powered with 285 ready-to-use Microservices and the ability to connect with 1,214 APIs. It is event-driven, which enables banks to trigger communications between various decoupled services. Created in a headless manner allows Banks to choose their UI/UX. Our underlying AI models allow intuitive and contextual customer journeys. This is not all – our solution works well for the socially responsible, being ESG compliant with global regulations. All this with an adaptive commercial model allowing banks to pay-as-you-grow.

iGCB showcased the power of the platform through 3 experiences at Money20/20 – Attendees were first given an introduction and then taken to the table, followed by the walk at Demo stations through iTurmeric-based Sandbox and then to the Perfumery bar drawing an analogy of Composability.

The platform has received great responses from banks as well as global analysts.