IntellectAI in a close collaboration with St. James’s Place, a prominent figure in the Financial Services sector, places paramount importance on advancing cybersecurity measures to safeguard its client and advisor network, as well as their financial assets and data.

IntellectAI’s,  integrated partnership with SJP’s Cyber Security team, plays a pivotal role in providing essential IT support for SJP’s operations. This support encompasses both legacy and modern technologies, including AWS instances, Salesforce, MuleSoft, Talend, and Snowflake.

The acknowledgment from FSTech underscores the profound impact of our collaboration, demonstrating how strategic partnerships can redefine benchmarks within the industry and propel innovative approaches. As we mark this milestone, it reinforces the significance of pushing boundaries and underscores the value of our alliance with St. James’s Place. Together, we share a unified vision for a secure digital future in wealth management.

Fstech Award