The enhanced version of the product encompasses the latest industry trends to meet the evolving needs of the banks and financial institutions. The product landscape has been upgraded across three categories:

  • Advanced services through APIs:
    The new API-led digital wealth solution has been enabled with a fully digital e-KYC process that has AI technology for image recognition, video collaboration facility, and integration with government database and location services. It helps in productivity optimisation with superior compliant processes, thereby quickly on-boarding wealth and private banking customers in 5 minutes.

    The Goal Simulator tool, enabled with self-contained APIs (first of its kind), seamlessly integrates with real-time market data, uses monte carlo simulation technique for calculations and estimates realistic chance of a customer reaching their investment goal objectives.

    The new virtual advisory feature has ready integration with social media platforms using API adaptors and with multiple other video conferencing service providers, thus enabling personalised advisory, anytime and anywhere

  • Cloud-powered platform for easy adoption:
    The next generation technology-enabled, open banking-ready cloud solution is SFA( Singapore FinTech Association)-certified and its 40+ APIs covering the entire wealth management lifecycle are available on the MAS-APIX platform – one of the most stringent regulatory marketplace. The product enables easy personalisation, collaboration and innovation. The easy to deploy solution is BIAN-compliant, scalable and can cater to the ever-evolving market needs of the banks and financial institutions at a much lower cost.
  • Enhanced predictive analytics capabilities:
    The predictive analytics-based new Churn Predictor tool, built around 40 different attributes using ML technique, helps in customer retention thus minimising churn-led revenue loss by unlocking new business opportunities for RMs.

    Also, the Portfolio Performance Predictor tool has a rich set of home-grown and third-party frameworks, built using various cognitive science algorithms and techniques.