IntellectAI was the Premium Silver sponsor at the Middle East Banking AI and Analytics Summit. The event, which took place on May 10, 2023, at Radisson Blu in Riyadh, brought together esteemed leaders, experts, and innovators from the Middle East wealth management community for the highly anticipated WealthTech Forum at Riyadh.

At the summit, IntellectAI’s CEO, Banesh Prabhu, participated in the spotlight CXO panel titled “Harnessing the Power of Emerging Technologies for a Futuristic Banking Ecosystem.” Banesh discussed the critical areas where AI can greatly contribute to wealth management firms worldwide. He emphasised that the pandemic has accelerated the need for digital transformation, presenting a prime opportunity to leverage AI more efficiently. He also underlined that the transformative potential of AI lies in its ability to drive innovation, increase operational efficiency, and elevate the overall client experience.

Furthermore, Anand Rai, the Head of Business Development and Presales at IntellectAI, presented on “The Personal Touch in a Digital Age: Exploring the Boundaries of AI in Wealth Management.” Anand emphasised the importance of maintaining a human touch and building strong client relationships, while leveraging AI to augment the capabilities of wealth management professionals.

As a leading provider of AI solutions, IntellectAI strives to empower financial institutions with cutting-edge technologies that enhance customer experiences, optimise operational efficiency, and pave the way for a digitally transformed future.