Industry Overview

According to ICC, there is a $60 billion trade finance opportunity and a $20 billion SCF opportunity for banks. Banks are now seeking a strategy to establish a contextual trade and supply chain finance platform. This platform should empower financial institutions to conduct trade and supply chain finance operations smoothly and effectively, streamlining processes through a simplified approach that provides a comprehensive 360-degree capability for digitizing operations.

Challenges and Opportunity

There is a growing demand around the development of new models for both risk and financing, prompting banks to seek ways to ‘de-risk’ trade business and optimize capital utilization.

In today’s trade landscape, the terms are becoming increasingly buyer-driven, leading to a shift in traditional trading relationships. Additionally, there is an emergence of high-growth strategic markets and new entrants in open account and FSCM.

Digitalization is rapidly transforming costs and agility, which will significantly impact the industry going forward. Technologies such as open APIs, DLT, smart contracts, and others are gaining attention for their potential to revolutionize operations.

The Intellect promise

Intellect brings intelligence to the trade and supply chain finance with five magic accelerators to delight clients and increase revenue.

  • AI-based smart data capture and compliance
  • Advanced analytics dashboards
  • Digital marketplace and open APIs
  • Fully integrated trade and supply chain finance
  • Risk distribution and limits management

iColumbus.ai powers the next generation of Trade and Supply Chain Finance digitalization and the Contextual banking experience. It offers an omni-channel, context-sensitive front end and intelligent document exchange powered by AI, ML, NLP, and Computer Vision. It is an Artificial Intelligence powerhouse, enabling the extraction, validation, remediation, and enrichment of machine-readable data while radically reducing the time, cost, and risk traditionally associated with manual compliance checks.


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Product Highlights

iColumbus.ai is an integrated Trade and Supply Chain Finance Platform built on a modern API-first microservices architecture designed to leverage the power of digital technologies. It comprises:

iColumbus.ai is the only product that:

iColumbus.ai is the only product that:

  • Delivers a sustainable solution for paperless trade supporting the integration of ESG ratings
  • Provides a comprehensive and fully integrated solution for trade and SCF on a single platform
  • Has a comprehensive limits management and inbuilt risk distribution module
  • Offers a fully integrated native AI engine
  • Is the most powerful integration tools and the most reliable security engine
  • Provides a dedicated module for Islamic finance
  • Has a SCF application that combines Payables Finance with Supplier Onboarding and Dynamic Discounting
  • Boasts a Centre of Excellence approach to implementation, supported by flexible deployment models and agile delivery capabilities


Key Features

Trade Finance

Digitize Trade Finance and help clients confidently expand to new territories and grow their business using immediately understandable graphics, data summaries and actionable recommendations that put their business objectives at the forefront.







Supply Chain Finance

Boost supply chain visibility, allowing customers to concentrate on core operations by optimizing their P2P and O2C cycles. Simplify transactions between buyers and sellers, and manage payables and receivables with smooth, smart supply chain programs.







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