Digital is the art of the possible. It lets banks do what they couldn’t dream possible earlier. There’s lots of technology and technology vendors out there who claim to provide digital disruption. But most fall short when it comes to robust and agile banking. The wiring of the Anatomy of Customer Experience and Business Kinetics (of the bank), drives the magic of digital.

‘Digital. The Art of the Possible’ provides insights into how memorable customer experiences translate into meaningful customer relationships. The business outcome is clear : More Customers Per Product (MCP) More Products Per Customer (MPC) More Transactions Per Customer (MTC). Business Kinetics drive segmentation, products/services apps, and monetisation through relationship-based pricing.

This work book encapsulates valuable nuggets on learning frameworks, behavioural psychology, collaborative innovation, design patterns and UX grammar, and how to leverage digital enterprise technology platforms to your best advantage.

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