A leading Investment Bank based in Europe powers its Risk Reporting by adopting Intellect OneLRM

A Comprehensive Basel III Risk Visualization platform which enables decision makers to circumvent adverse financial situations and develop strategies to invest excess capital most effectively

  • Provided an enterprise-wide risk view which enhanced decision making
  • Ability to rapidly detect outliers and concern areas
  • Provided advanced data models to capture data for analysis
  • Run multiple modes of tests and risk analytics on a single platform
  • Optimized Reporting framework

The client is a leading Swiss multinational financial services holding company with operations in over 50 countries and 48,200 employees from over 150 different nations.

The legacy system at the client location was not designed to meet business requirements like ad-hoc analysis and drill down capacities and had static reporting process. It did not have the capability to calculate risk data on-the-fly and the reporting cycle was very long (14 days). It did not possess the capability to visualize and interact with large, complex data sets on one screen & alter dimensions and risk measures, which greatly impeded decision making activities. The data quality adjustments made by CROs were not automatically reflected in risk results.

Intellect OneLRM’s risk visualization framework provided the client with a holistic view of market risk, unlike the limited view provided by the legacy system. It enabled decision makers to drill down, reduce the data set for analysis, set a snapshot in the same dashboard to focus on the outliers or concern areas, using risk visualization dashboards. It enhanced productivity by rationalizing the number of calculation engine queries, by removing data overlaps across reports. Post-implementation CROs could perform historical trend analysis across multiple business dates for key risk metrics.

Over 200 PDF reports related to Interest Rate Products (IRP) were transformed to 14 visualizations with 40 measures across 50 dimensions. Similarly, over 50 pdf reports related to Economic Risk Capital (ERC) were transformed to 12 visualizations with 160 measures. Decision makers could perform over 1000 Credit Risk Adjustments (CRAT) per day through 12 visuazations. Hence, the data which was previously embedded in reports could now be viewed real-time and acted-upon to improve the overall financial health of the organization.