David Bannister, Principal Consultant from Ovum writes, an in-depth case study, how a late entrant bank rapidly acquired market share and made money from Supply Chain Finance. He details how the bank partnered with the digital transaction banking expert, iGTB, to contribute to the digital vision of the 6th largest economy in the world.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) contribute about 28% to the GDP but were poorly served by the pre-existing banking system, largely relying on money lenders and private investors, with a funding gap of around $418bn. So the bank made the strategic decision to launch new products providing supply chain finance services to corporates and SMEs by partnering with iGTB.

Though a late entrant, Bank of Baroda was convinced that, with iGTB’s Supply Chain Finance digital platform, they can get more market share and bridge the gap with the established players. Within a few weeks of going live, iGTB enabled Bank of Baroda to achieve 10+ anchor clients, over $50m facilities and, unusually for SCF, full automation (100% STP).

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