Leading Apex Bank in India, hosts 22 banks on a Single Server First Multi-entity Implementation on the Cloud

Established in 1963, APCOB is the apex bank in Andhra Pradesh. It is a government partnered bank and is committed to agricultural and rural development through the cooperatives. It operates through 22 district co-operative central banks (DCCBs) and Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies (PACs) in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. The Bank is committed to agricultural and rural development through the Cooperatives.

APCOB showcases a unique experiment of Single Window Credit Delivery System, a first of its kind in the country under which, both investment and production credit for agriculture is provided at the grass root level through a single agency. It also extends financial support to Apex Cooperative Federations like MARKFED, APCO, FEDCON etc. It has also been providing direct finance to small and medium industries and agro-based units. For its urban clientele it provides banking facilities under attractive deposit schemes, safe deposit lockers, Clean & Secured Overdrafts, Consumer Durable Loans, Vehicle Loans, Gold Loans, Housing Loans and a host of other services.

Note:The Andhra Pradesh State Cooperative Bank Limited (APCOB), Vijayawada, is a Scheduled State Cooperative Bank for the State of Andhra Pradesh. Consequent on reorganization of the State of Andhra Pradesh, the Andhra Pradesh State Cooperative Bank has been reconstituted into TSCAB and residual Andhra Pradesh State Cooperative Bank Limited.



Andhra Pradesh, being at the helm of IT development in the country, had a clear vision to create a knowledge society by using Information Technology in all aspects of development and governance. It took various steps towards improving transparency and service to citizens across the state. Improving the services of APCOB was part of these initiatives.

APCOB was finding it difficult to provide same level of service to customers across all its DCCBs and PACs. Manual entries and reconciliations were tedious and time consuming while the lack of a centralized view of loans and balances meant that decisions could not be taken and / or implemented quickly. The immediate need was to provide speedy service to its clientele and enabling APCOB-DCCBs to effectively monitor and manage its banking services and operations. This would be a big step towards increasing its reach and furthering the vision of financial inclusion through rural banking. Initial studies revealed that it would be expensive to deploy independent core banking systems in each of its DCCBs and PAC. Poor telecom connectivity and low bandwidth would also be a major hurdle in rural areas. Moreover, integrating all the DCCBs and PACs would be another transformation project in itself. APCOB was therefore scouting for a light weight solution that would operate effectively even in lower bandwidth and connect seamlessly with a centralised system.


  • Enhance the reach and operational efficiency of the cooperative credit system
  • Browser based Core Banking solution on a multi entity framework in Java/Oracle technology
  • Retail, corporate and agri banking modules with treasury management and maintenance of Shadow accounts for PACS
  • Bring all DCCBs with around 624 branches into a single Core Banking Solutions (CBS)
  • Improve customer service, operational efficiency and flow of MIS across the structure
Product / Solution provided

Intellect proposed to a host the Intellect Core Banking Solution on a single server at the APCOB headquarters at Hyderabad. This centralized deployment would then be made accessible to the 22 head offices, the DCCBs and its 569 branches through dialup/LL/VSAT or data card connectivity.


Intellect Solution Details
  • Intellect CBS on private cloud
  • MIS and decision support System at DCCB head office for day to day functioning of the bank
  • Each DCCB will be independent of each other and can be powered down without disturbing other DCCBs or the Apex Bank
  • DCCBs are loosely coupled and can run on any dialup/LL/VSAT or data card connectivity.
  • Biometric based access system for bank staff
  • Technical features
    • Truly browser based solution.
    • Developed in J2EE technology using JSF framework with Oracle database
    • The CBS will also maintain the shadow accounts of members of PACS who are the ultimate beneficiaries.
Business Impact

The intellect Core Banking System implementation at APCOB was a game changer. All 22 DCCBs with about 624 branches have moved from manual process to automation, resulting in significant improvement in the quality of services offered by APCOB.Launch of new products and schemes can be done in a few clicks and can be extended seamlessly across the APCOB infrastructure. This has been a big step towards providing timely support for the poor and needy, especially in the rural agricultural sector.


APCOB is contributing towards the national Financial Inclusion program with the following steps:
  • Reaching out to the rural unbanked population
  • Enabling transparency in loan disbursements
  • Facilitating access to electronic funds transfer and direct transfer of subsidy scheme of the Government of India to millions of farmer beneficiaries across the state
  • Standardization of reports and common UI leading to operational efficiency in rural Banking
A unique implementation with several highlights:
  • Forerunner for Cloud Computing / ASP Model – the largest in India / South Asia
  • Frugal bandwidth requirement – can run on any dialup/ LL/VSAT/datacard connectivity.
  • System maintains 2.1 million CASA, 1 million loans and 1 million term deposits covering 3.5 million clients, 3000+ users
  • A Single instance of the core banking system accommodates 22 DCCBs, with each bank having its own user set up, parameters, products etc.
  • Very light version with single user interface for fast response time
  • Each entity (DCCB) can independently maintain its own books of account
  • Reduced “time-to-market” for new product launch without any changes in the underlying system or source code
  • Can interface with other bank applications to use mutually beneficial services.
  • Provides all necessary MIS and decision support system at DCCB head office and apex bank head office levels.
  • Supports multiple delivery channels enabling customers to do business from any of its branches or through an ATM, via a telephone/ mobile/ PDA, PC or Point of Sale (POS).
  • Biometric access enabled as a dual factor access control for bank staff operating the system.
  • Strong security to protect database and application at all levels of the bank, across all entities of the hosted solution