Executive Summary

A leading private sector bank which is amongst the fastest growing banks in India was looking to automate its Loan Origination process. The bank was also getting into the Credit Card business so wanted to automate the card origination process as well. Together, these two businesses were to fuel a significant part of the bank’s future growth.

Intellect Lending was chosen by the bank as their technology partner for SME Loan origination and the card origination systems to handle the expected volume growth driven by the aggressive strategy the bank was embarking upon. The Intellect system has been designed to accommodate the future business requirements and expansion plans of the bank.

Post Intellect’s implementation the bank is able to process about 100,000 cards a month and has a capability to process over 5000 loans a month.


The Bank, one of the youngest banks in India is a large private sector bank in India and has been recognized amongst the top and fastest growing banks in India. The Bank has been growing aggressively since its launch and has been known for its asset quality with negligible Non Profitable Assets (NPA), especially at a time when the Indian banking industry has been grappling with the twin issue of growing NPAs and lower credit growth.

To retain and to further consolidate its position in the industry, the bank decided to move into the Credit Card business. To sustain its history of high growth rate in advances, the bank is also targeting the SME loan segment, a segment where the growth rates have been higher and is also expected to grow at a much faster pace in the next few years owing to structural reforms in the country such as GST and Demonetization.

To pursue this twin opportunity the bank, was in need of cards and SME loan origination systems, two of their prominent growth engines for the future. While, credit card was a new business vertical, the loan origination process was manual with most of the approvals and tracking being managed over mails. The bank wanted a system to automate the entire loans and cards origination cycle.

The Solution

The requirement clear – the bank wanted a solution, robust enough to handle huge expected volumes and also smart enough to provide faster and accurate decisioning, without compromising on the quality of credit, one of the bank’s hallmarks. The system had to be flexible and scalable to meet future business requirements and expansion plans.

The bank selected Intellect Loan Origination, a scalable solution built with configurable work flows and business rules to provide a one-stop source for originating credit application across multiple lines of businesses. The system is capable of handling limit management and exposure monitoring for the borrowing entity and also that of the group the entity belongs to, thereby providing a detailed 360 degree view of all the facilities extended and risks assumed.

The credit card solution offered by Intellect can handle volumes of over 100,000 credit card applications a month coupled with barcode assisted scanning, indexing and automated decisioning – this reduces the time for data entry and decisioning to an absolute minimum.

Benefits to the bank

Some of the benefits accrued to the bank post implementation of the Intellect Lending solution are detailed below:

  • Efficiency – The time to process a loan application has been reduced to hours from days earlier
  • Productivity – There has been a marked enhancement in productivity across the roles involved in loans and cards origination due to the below mentioned changes
    • Eliminated most of the data entry related activities
    • Enabled the frontline Relationship Managers to provide a comprehensive view about the customer in the first time itself resulting in higher time on their hands to do their primary KRA – sourcing business
    • Reduced the two thirds of the work of the credit team by automating rules & policies
  • Accuracy – Solution has ensured minimal data entry errors by scanning and indexing applications
  • Enhanced Customer Insight – Aided by robust limit maintenance and exposure tracking through Collateral and limits plug-in resulting in a 360 degree customer view not only about the borrower but also about the group the entity is part of
  • Effectiveness – The solution has enabled the credit analysts to make informed decisions first time right, leading to lower NPAs and collection efforts
  • Revenue Generation – Bank has been able to increase the credit card volume four fold
Significance of this implementation

Some of the highlights of the implementation are listed below

  • Originate credit cards and book the same in Vision+
  • Originate SME loans and book the same in Flex
  • Completely automated credit decisioning process with seamless integration with CBIL – credit bureau
  • 100+ business rues configured for credit decisioning
  • Exhaustive limit maintenance and exposure monitoring capability
  • Committee approval for loan sanctioning
  • Ability to make commercial and non-commercial changes post decisioning with a shortened review workflow
What Next

Post the Intellect solution implementation, the bank has been able to experience tangible difference across its key metrics. Encouraged by these results, the bank is now planning to extend the solution to its Wholesale Banking business vertical. In the next version of the implementation, to aid faster decisioning, Intellect is looking at computing key ratios automatically from the financial uploads and also providing bespoke scorecards basis the bank’s product suite.

The bank is also highly motivated to extend the partnership to other verticals of the bank to explore how Intellect can aid in increasing bank’s overall efficiency with its exquisite and exhaustive product offerings.