The current market perception of BNPL hovers mostly around being just another customer-friendly payment mechanism. Is this truly an accurate picture? Or is it a myopic slice of what a full-fledged BNPL system could be? This is the central premise of the whitepaper – The Tao of New Age Credit.

A comprehensive BNPL process should have the ability to cover varied user journeys, stride across varied system modules, span across multiple stake holders, all of which need to come together to orchestrate a successful and profitable service offering.

On enlarging the business horizon to the expanded eco-system, the following questions become relevant.
1. Has the banks’ problem of delivering superior experience across stakeholders become thrice as complex?
2. And with already squeezed margins, where can banks identify opportunities for monetization?

The whitepaper highlights how this balancing act between the experience paradigm and the monetization opportunity is the key to a robust BNPL Proposition. It also recommends a 4 pronged approach for banks
1. Elevate the perspective to an ecosystem view, and a connected one at that.
2. Zoom in to catalogue the strategic touch points from an experience perspective.
3. Carve out the strategy to leverage the open money points.
4. Curate a transformational technology platform