Cards Solution

COVID has accelerated many trends that were already underway before its outbreak. Consumers are becoming more familiar with new payment technologies, including the use of QR-based solutions. Cards and digital wallets are obvious winners in an e-commerce market that is set to grow at 6% year-over-year between 2021 and 2025, reaching $4.2 trillion at the end of the period, according to Statista.

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Product Highlights

Intellect Cards drives complete digitisation of the card processing and comes with mobile and web interface. It provides a variety of self-service options, supports QR Code transactions and fingerprint authentication. The solution also has an empowered collection module with pre-loaded collections strategy and persona based segmentation.

With Intellect Cards, Banks can provide a superlative customer experience through a feature rich mobile app and flexible rewards which can be customised to handle different customer segments. Banks can also provide the facility of flexible installments to their customers where BNPL transactions can be converted into EMIs with minimum interaction. Additionally, the solution comes with a powerful and configurable loyalty module which has 3 levels of customer segmentation, event based accrual, multiple redemption options points expiry configuration and supports co-brand points conversion.

Intellect cards enables banks to outsource and optimise workforce with an end to end solution option. The solution comes with a 24X7 Help desk Support & Application support, data centre hosting services & physical environment management and also provides call centre / IVR Services – BAU and collections call center as well as IVR facility.

Banks are able to mitigate risks with a sophisticated fraud early warning system which monitors transactions across channels: ATMs, POS & internet

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