A visual based studio for weaving business flows using plug & play integration services. The studio can be deployed on bank’s premises or on Cloud and is multi tenant enabled. Multiple project teams of the bank and Intellect can use the same instance to work on respective integration projects.

Orchestration Engine:

The orchestration engine of iTurmeric platform provides features for defining complex orchestration across multiple system / applications. The orchestration engine supports features for message listening, message routing, data transformation, data enhancements, invoking APIs, invoking SOAP Services, conditional branching, joining of sub flows, event publishing and asynchronous processing. These features can be chained together to model a business operation which completely abstracts business services from actual implemented services.

Administration and Monitoring:

A visual based application for runtime management & flow monitoring of an integration ecosystem. This module comes with an integrated UI Designer for which can be used to configure and publish domain specific custom web pages onto the iTurmeric runtime on the fly.

Foundation Components:

The foundation components include job management, alerts engine, events hub, database adaptors and audit engine.

Messaging Components:

Built-in parsers and generators for ISO 8583, Excel, CSV, Flat Files, XML, JSON and SWIFT formats.

Transport Protocols:

Support for 100+ end points including IBM MQ, TCP/IP, RABBIT MQ, ACTIVE MQ, JMS, REST, SOAP, JMS, AS/400 Data Queues, SFTP, FTP, FTPS etc.

API Manager:

API management is the process of designing, publishing, documenting and analysing APIs in a secure environment. Through an API management solution, an organisation can guarantee that both the public and internal APIs they create are consumable and secure.


iTurmeric has a built-in security manager for securing all published services from unauthorised access. The security is implemented using encryption; digital signing and message digest concepts. The secret keys used in the security layer are maintained in a built-in vault to prevent unauthorised access.


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